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What is PTK?

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) is an International Honors Society of two-year colleges since 1918. Mt. SAC’s PTK chapter, Alpha Omega Alpha, has been established since 1994.  Although we use Greek letters, we are not a fraternity or a sorority.

In the Past 100 Years

A Growing Family

We have grown to more than 3 million members, a family that spreads worldwide.

A Global Community

With over 1,300 chapters in 9 nations, you're never alone.

What We Do: PTK's 4 Hallmarks


Phi Theta Kappans are born leaders. We want our members to gain leadership experiences and to develop professional intrapersonal skills. We provide leadership development workshops, encourage members to run for an officer position, host member-made events, and so much more!


There are $90 million worth of scholarship opportunities available only for Phi Theta Kappans. PTK members also have a better chance with the JKC Scholarship, which awards up to $40,000 a year.


PTK is a community of like minded individuals who desire for academic excellence and success, but we also know how to have fun! When we’re not studying or volunteering, we hang out and go kayaking, hiking, or have scavenger hunts at Downtown Disney–creating unbreakable bonds and life-long friendships.


Our service events provide members the privilege to work with many organizations and charities. Furthermore, as a way of giving back to the community, we have the College Project, where we work with Mt. SAC’s President and CEO, Dr. Bill Scroggins, on campus projects to help achieve Mt. SAC’s needs.


 "Through PTK, not only did I discover my best self, but I found a family that will always support me.

Through the years PTK helped me not only grow as a person but also as a leader. As a chapter president, the organization has given me a second home and a second family that I will forever cherish."

"PTK developed my communication and leadership skills and molded me into a great individual. I got to interact and create relationships with diverse people. This helped me become more flexible and I was able to adapt easily when I transferred to UCLA. 
I gained invaluable experiences as a PTK officer which I used when I became a peer mentor at UCLA and helped me interact with all my mentees. My memories at PTK were worthwhile and I will used them to succeed in life."

"Phi Theta Kappa has shown me what it means to be a part of a supportive and prestigious society. From waking up early to plant trees at a local school, educating elementary students on obtaining college degrees, to being a mascot for the Bureau of Land Management at the LA County Fair, Phi Theta Kappa has given me the opportunity to be a part of my school on a larger scale."

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